CFCS Maximizing Community Reach and Business Impact with OneRoom

Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services

Key Results

  • Increased Efficiency: with a white-glove streaming solution that requires minimal time and effort from CFCS staff.
  • Expanded Community Awareness: building awareness of CFCS's services to more people in their community.
  • Growth in Pre-Planning: identifying engaged pre-planning contacts and growing the community database.


Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services (CFCS), part of the Greater Archdiocese of Denver, has been a cornerstone in its community for over 130 years. With three funeral homes and two cemeteries, CFCS has earned a reputation for compassionate and comprehensive care. The integration of OneRoom has enabled them to provide support to more people in their community while reinforcing their mission, to help families to fill the void of loss with faith, hope, the love of God, and the love of neighbor. 



Before partnering with OneRoom, CFCS found live streaming challenging. The process was complicated and took a lot of effort from the staff, juggling multiple programs to make it work, demanding considerable effort and resources.



The transition to OneRoom made everything simpler for CFCS. Virtual services became easier while also providing additional features that boosted their marketing and business growth. These features enabled them to reach more families and promote their service, contributing to overall business development.


Impact of OneRoom 

Reducing Staff Time and Effort: OneRoom’s platform enabled CFCS to offer high-quality streaming with minimal staff input. The automation eased the workload, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of their roles.


Engaging the Community: Online guests share their contact details, including location and email, before watching a service, showing 25% of these guests are local. The family receives the guestlist and CFCS also adds them to their growing community database. They send out weekly emails, keeping their community informed about services, events, and support options. This builds long-term relationships and consequently, community members often turn to CFCS when they need services.


Boosting Pre-Planning Engagement: The virtual service includes features encouraging viewers to think about pre-planning their own services. Options to learn more about pre-planning are provided before, during, and after the service, making it easy for online guests to express interest. This gives CFCS engaged contacts to follow up on. As the Outreach Manager explained, "When individuals watch a service and experience the reality of loss, they often realize the importance of pre-planning their own arrangements."


Building Trust and Loyalty: Virtual services have let more people experience CFCS’s compassionate care. This has led to more families returning for future services.  The Outreach Manager noted, "The best way for people to understand how we care for their loved ones is for them to experience our services themselves, whether it is in person or a live stream."


OneRoom's automated and reliable solution has improved efficiency while delivering high-quality service to families. It supports business growth by increasing awareness of their services, generating leads for pre-planning, and supporting community programs. Combined with their other marketing activities, they are developing strong long-term relationships in their community, ensuring families return to CFCS when in need.