Redefining Funeral Streaming - How Innovation is Driving More Value into The Virtual Space

David Lutterman and Ramanan Moorthy

Funeral streaming has traditionally been about enabling those who cannot attend in person to participate, mourn, and offer support, while providing families with lasting memories.

This is and will always be important. OneRoom is taking this a step further, evolving their service to add more value to your funeral home, the client family, and online guests, delivering tangible value every time you stream.  

Over the past year, OneRoom has embraced innovation as a core part of its business strategy, with Ramanan Moorthy joining as Chief Product Officer and the expansion of their team of developers and engineers. Moorthy emphasizes, "Our commitment to innovation is aimed at empowering funeral homes to adapt to the evolving landscape of the Funeral Industry and the diverse needs of families. By crafting a virtual chapel experience, we spotlight the commendable services Funeral Homes provide, extending their reach within the community."

Understanding that funeral homes have the deepest insight into family needs, OneRoom has collaborated with a highly regarded advisory group of funeral service providers through the innovation process. This collaboration ensures that new features meet the exact needs of the industry.

Ericka McKibbin, Funeral Home Manager from Curlew Hills Memory Gardens shares, “When we go back and share the changes with the rest of our team they are just, gaga about it. It has been so well received, there is a lot of excitement, and there has been zero negative feedback.”  

David Lutterman, CEO, highlights the importance of online guest experiences, noting, “Our analytics reveals that on average, 25% of online guests are local to a funeral home. Within 15 miles. Research shows that attending a funeral service is the main reason for selecting a funeral home. We want to create that virtual chapel experience that matches the standards delivered for those attending in person… This new approach is really for Funeral Homes who have pre-need and aftercare programs in place, who want to amplify these areas to maintain contact with their local community”

OneRoom is advancing funeral streaming services, providing funeral homes with a means to not only facilitate remote participation but also to broaden their service impact and business growth. For those interested in leveraging these advancements, OneRoom invites further inquiries to explore how their services can benefit your operations. Learn More