Funeral ‘Flash Crowd’, how Sterling-White copes with unexpected crowds

Sterling White Funeral Home and Crematory Chapel outside with trees and a waterfountain


Although Sterling-White has large facilities, occasionally they will have a funeral where the crowd becomes so much more than expected. The chapel quickly fills and guests spill out through the car park, gardens, and cemetery. 

In these situations, Sterling-White won’t turn guests away and risk leaving them disappointed or unable to participate in the service. 

Their attendance shows how important it is to them to pay their respects to the person who had touched their lives and show their support to the family. So Bella Dion, the Managing Partner at Sterling-White, and her team, have a solid solution in place to make sure everyone who comes can take part and be included.  

Sterling White’s setup includes OneRoom fixed cameras, so they are able to quickly schedule to record and live stream this funeral. They also have a number of screens throughout the Funeral Home, in their chapel, lobby, and reception rooms.  They can connect the TVs to their AV system to stream the service in each of their overflow rooms.

Additionally, they upload the live stream link to the obituary page, so those outside the home and through the gardens can easily connect and watch the service through their cell phones by following the link. 

This resourcefulness and planning from the whole Sterling White team means all of the guests can be together, comforting one another while watching the service. In these situations, there is clear gratitude among the guests that, wherever they can be, they can still be a part of it, together. 


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