Highland Park FC Adds Mobile Streaming Services for Off-Site Funerals

Highland Park Funeral Centre outside chapel with trees and street view

Highland Park Funeral Centre offers funeral services at both their Funeral Home and various country chapels and churches in the area. While they have been using OneRoom’s fixed cameras in their Funeral Home for some time, they were missing an option for families requesting recording and streaming of funerals at off-site locations.

Many families wanted the option to stream the funerals for those who couldn't attend in person and to have the recording for themselves. To address this need, the team at Highland Park added mobile streaming services to their offerings in March 2022. Adding mobile to their plan was as easy as making a quick phone call and undergoing a short training session with the OneRoom team.

It's really easy to use. It's basically click and set up and then you don't have to think about it again.”  Ashley McNamara, FD

According to Ashley McNamara, a Funeral Director from Highland Park Funeral Centre, the mobile streaming service is an excellent addition to their services. 

"It's another service option that families can have from the funeral home. We've received really good feedback from families." Ashley McNamara, FD

One challenge that Highland Park has encountered is live streaming from country churches without Wi-Fi. The funeral home has been proactive in managing expectations by informing families and guests in the obituary that the funeral will be recorded and uploaded straight afterward when they are back at the Funeral Home.

Highland Park Funeral Centre has taken an innovative step in adding mobile streaming services to its offerings, demonstrating its ability to adapt to changing client needs and set itself apart as a leader in the funeral home industry. The mobile streaming service has received excellent feedback from both funeral directors and families, and the funeral home plans to also use it for graveside events in the future.