Grow your business: The Lifecycle of a Funeral Service Video

Grow your funeral home business at all stages - at need, deliverying service, after care and pre-need

All the skill and care delivered to each family is on display during the funeral or memorial service you arrange for their loved one. Balancing their wishes with your guidance delivers a respectful goodbye and a critically important outlet for their grief.

Traditionally this has been conducted as a unique, ‘one and done’ occasion. Now, through the power of video, the reach and benefit of a service can be watched, shared and replayed wherever needed. This is a transformational opportunity to showcase and expand your value.

In this article, we a look at the ways we leverage funeral service video throughout the customer journey. From At Need to Pre Need.

At Need

For families making arrangements with you for the first time, it can be a leap of faith to place their trust in your experience and professionalism. If you have a previous relationship with the family, this is an expectation but in both circumstances, you have a job to do and value to prove.

By advising that the service will automatically be recorded, it communicates confidence in your delivery and duty of care for the family. You assure the next of kin that the recording can be shared, live or later, or deleted at their discretion. Everyone who should be included, can be.

During the Service

Delivering a reliable online funeral service the family can cherish for generations makes all the difference. Distant family and friends are so pleased to be part of the service. With the OneRoom Platform they can be invited privately by the family or you can include a link to the service in the tribute/obituary page. This connects more people to your website for a richer experience.

We have seen a 30% increase on average in online viewer numbers. Some with one or two key family members, some community based with thousands of viewers. Our analytics show that live streaming accounts for 40% of online funeral viewing, whilst 60% watch on demand, in their own time. A significant percentage of these people live in or near the town where the service is being held and should be considered as potential future customers.

Aftercare and Pre Need

Family often miss things on the day. At the conclusion of the service, a reminder that the online recording can be watched again is a priceless gift. This is often cited as an important part of the healing process.  As we all know, grief comes in waves and outlasts the length of the service you provide.

The relationship you have built and the online registry created during the service can now be used to continue supporting your families. Reach out to them on the birthday, or the death anniversary of their loved one.

The recording stands as testament to the effort and care you provided on the day. It is a great service to the family and serves you as an enduring proof point for your existing and potential customers.

Putting your services on replay builds trust and loyalty. The more people that experience your service, in person or virtually, the more likely they will turn to you for per-need or at need service.

Remember, you have many opportunities to engage with online viewers when you use a built-for-purpose funeral streaming solution. Put your great service on replay and build customer loyalty with OneRoom.