Multi-site Streaming at Washburn-McReavy : Central Command

Washburn Mcreavy Funeral Home

Many of our funeral home partners with multiple locations are often wondering how to manage all the moving parts. Having to work with specific issues like on-site operating staff or rotating funeral directors, along with facilitating the various offerings to families can be overwhelming.  In fact, some of the biggest demands we have heard are: 

  • Streamlining operations for efficiency
  • Taking pressure off of funeral directors
  • Quality control and error reduction

A recent interview with Scott Burns, the IT Manager from Washburn-McReavy Funeral Homes, allowed us to take a glimpse into how he is handling all of these variables for their firm.


Central command for events

Scott is the main contact for all live-streaming while the funeral directors are simply facilitating the conversation with families.  He has established a clearly outlined process that takes a lot of the work away from the directors so he can keep a keen eye on everything.

“They (funeral directors) do not have any involvement other than pinging me, saying that the family would like to live-stream the service.”

Once the family has agreed to recording the service, the director will send Scott a message via their management software. He will schedule the service for the appropriate location and then message them back to confirm it was done.


How this benefits the firm

This method grants Scott the ability to ensure quality control and also takes pressure away from the busy directors. When asked about directors presenting live-streaming and recording during arrangement meetings, Scott said, “They are extremely confident with it.”  His staff is more at ease with offering services to families, knowing that he is behind the helm making everything happen.


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