The easiest way to present live streaming to families

Two elderly people at a funeral arrangement meeting with a funeral director in a funeral home office

Are you currently presenting Funeral Streaming at your arrangement meetings with families?

While streaming has become a lot more common, many people are unaware that a funeral can be streamed and recorded, so during a funeral arrangement, they will likely be unaware of this option unless it is presented to them. 

We have found that the funeral home partners who simply mention that it is an option have a very high success rate, which brings the benefit for the home of a profitable add-on sale, and the chance to reach and connect with a wider group of people in their community.

We understand it’s not always easy to know what to say when you don’t want to come across as pushy or overwhelm the family with options.  So here is a quick guide, and recorded role-play,  as to why families so greatly appreciate this service and the simplest ways to integrate this into your arrangement calls.


Why recording is important for families

So they are able to rewatch the service away from the emotions of the day

The recording allows loved ones to grieve privately in their own way. People are often uncomfortable with showing their true emotions in public.  They want to grieve but do not feel they have permission to do that during the funeral. Offering a recording will allow friends and family to rewatch the service and truly grieve in the way they need.


For younger generations

A recording of the service provides the unique ability to allow the younger generation to hear stories and understand how much of an impact their loved one had on others. 


For those that are unable to attend in person

Busy work schedules, frequent travel, and other responsibilities can often preclude one’s ability to attend an important funeral.  Live-streaming allows everyone to watch at a time that works with their schedule.  They can take part virtually and still experience the service and pay tribute to their loved one.


Some easy ways to add streaming and recording to your call script

A natural way to introduce the topic can be to point out the cameras during the tour of the chapel and facilities.

Then talk about it in the arrangement meeting, just as you would floral or memorialization. 

A simple question can help assess the need - 

“Will you have any loved ones who can’t attend the service due to distance, scheduling, or health?” 

If yes → “We can record the event so these friends and family can still attend as online guests.

Let them know the benefits for them -

“Recording is also for close family.”

“Even when present for a service, family and friends often feel unable to take it all in and wish they could revisit it afterward.  We often find those who record will watch the service, again and again, allowing themselves the time to truly grieve in the way best for them.”

“Would you be interested to have the service recorded so can reflect back on the stories and memories shared about your loved one?”

And for those thinking of future generations - 

“Are there young children or grandchildren who you might wish to share the stories and memories from the service so they can learn more about <the deceased>?”

One last thing to consider

Families often wish they had a recording after the service has taken place. Even if they initially refused live-streaming they will later ask for it and regret that they did not take advantage. Consider recording every service so this option is never taken from them.


Take a look at the role play below to see how this can come to life in an arrangement call.